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Youtube SEO: How to increase views in 2021

Want to know how to get popular on YouTube without breaking the bank?

Below are a few of our favorite Youtube SEO techniques that will help your video rank higher and get more views!

1. Keyword Research for Youtube

Keyword research is the basics of all our SEO related work. The better keyword research we make, the more gem keywords we can find, which we can then use to choose a video topic or optimise the video topic accordingly.

Here are a few strategies:

  • Brainstorm with other people

  • We are recommending using keyword ideation tools like, Ahrefs or SEMrush

  • Find the keywords your competitor use. MindArc is able to find out potential Keyword opportunities by analysing your competitors’ strategy. Get in touch to discuss the SEO approach that suits you

2. Use keywords for your channel and video

Once you have listed all the relevant keywords, list them in several places. In addition, this step will make it easier for search engine robots to quickly identify the topic of your video.

You will therefore have to insert them in the following elements:

  • File name

  • Title

  • Description

  • Tags

  • Ideally, titles should be 30 to 60 characters long

3. Write a long description

First, descriptions should be long enough to help search engines understand your content.

Content is King! Google and Youtube love to see content that helps solve users search queries. Creating high-quality descriptions is one of the best techniques to optimise your video. It is important to provide meaningful content people are actually searching for. Descriptions should be long enough to help search engines understand your content.

Write descriptions of at least 100 words, incorporating your keywords in the most natural way possible. Also, remember to place links to your website and your social profiles within this description. This will better engage your audience.

4. The Importance Of The Transcriptions

YouTube is indexing your video’s transcriptions and uses it to rank your video for some of the keywords in the transcription.

If you include keywords in your transcription – that means you actually use the word vocally in your video, which suggests that your video can be a reliable source for the related query.

Nowadays, it’s really easy to transcribe your video automatically for free.

Option 1: Free Captioning Tool on YouTube

  1. Log in to YouTube.

  2. Open a video.

  3. Click on the More Options (…) button.

  4. Select Open Transcript.

  5. Copy and paste the text.

Option 2: Transcribe with Google Doc

  1. Open Google Doc in Chrome.

  2. Create a new document.

  3. Click on the Tools menu on top.

  4. Select “Voice typing…” from the drop-down menu.

  5. A microphone icon is going to appear. Click on it to start recording.

5. Encourage people to subscribe and comment your video

Be aware that your SEO Youtube depends a lot on your number of subscriptions, likes and comments you receive under your videos and on your channel.

The best way to get a large number of subscribers is to create quality videos and then ask your viewer: "If you liked this video, please subscribe, etc ...".

6. Share your videos on social media

Many people find, engage with, and review videos on social media. If a video is being shared or is trending on social media, there is potential for that activity to influence its ranking on search and Youtube. In other words, it would be strange if popular content shared across various social media platforms was hard to find in search engines. We provide a complete range of Social Media marketing services that are designed to suit your business needs, speak to MindArc today.

7. Create SEO-optimised playlists

Organise your videos into playlists according to their theme or universe. This will facilitate the video search for Internet users.


Do you need any help on YouTube SEO? Contact MindArc today! 

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I think to increase the number of views on YouTube, pay special attention to SEO: use relevant keywords in titles, descriptions and tags, create attractive thumbnails and encourage interaction with viewers. The main thing is high-quality content. will help you create high-quality videos that will stand out from the general background. Intuitive editing features allow you to create visually appealing and professional content, increasing the attractiveness of your video and its searchability on YouTube.


Achieving popularity on YouTube doesn't always require a substantial financial investment. While paid advertising and promotions can certainly help boost visibility, there are several strategies to grow your YouTube channel organically without breaking the bank. Also, be sure to consider buying youtube views packages:

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