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High Speed Internet

Through our long-standing carrier relationships, we have access to High Speed Internet Services that our customers can take advantage of that are supported by Australia's leading carrier networks.


With internet access now being the backbone of the business, it's vital to have something reliable, stable and high performing. With our selection of enterprise grade services, we can ensure that your business has high availability with redundancy built into your network so that you do not have the risk of any business interruption. Our solutions are provided directly from the carrier, meaning there is no markup.


We have access to multiple carriers allowing us to tailor a solution to meet your location and performance requirements.

Why choose MindArc for your business internet?

According to the Canstar Blue's 2020 survey of business broadband customers, it's revealed that 83% of respondents say fast internet is crucial to their business. However, 34% suffer from unreliable internet, while 48% experience internet outages, affecting business operations. With that being said, these businesses pay an average of $211 for their monthly broadband subscription.


Every business deserves a secure, stable, fast and reliable business grade internet. With all the competition, why choose MindArc over everyone else for your business internet?

Reliable Service

What matters to us is your success. We are here to help you choose the best NBN business plan for you from our trusted business high speed internet providers.

Stable, High Speed Internet Access

All of our NBN partner providers are recognised around Australia and the world. You can choose from our fast internet plans, from NBN plans to 4G and 5G internet plans, and take advantage of their huge network coverage.

Reliable Service No Markup Fees

Don't worry about intermediary fees. All our plans are directly from our NBN internet providers; hence, MindArc doesn't place fees on top of your broadband internet plan costs.

Trusted Partners and Vendors

All thanks to our direct relationships with trusted internet providers, we provide the best internet plans available. You can also reach out to us if you want to switch plans or get upgrades.

Approachable Team

Our team is always happy to assist you from choosing the internet plan for your business to when you're already using the internet service. You can always contact us if you have problems or questions about your chosen internet plan.

Our fast internet plans:

Choose a stable, high speed internet plan that works for you, your team and business.

NBN plans

We offer internet plans in Sydney and other cities that have unlimited data for your home office or business location. On top of that, there are optional extras you can choose from to suit your needs. Fair Go Policy applies.

Mobile Broadband

Work smart even when on the go. Through a mobile broadband connection via portable modem and a new device, you bring the office wherever you go and work remotely without interruptions.

4G Internet plans

Get fast and reliable internet connection at your home office. MindArc has 4G internet plans that you can easily plug and play anywhere you are. Take advantage of our partners' huge network coverage, enabling you to have a reliable and secure business internet anywhere in Australia.

5G Internet plans

Experience both speed and convenience in one internet plan. Connect with the latest and fastest internet plan available—5G Internet. Only available in selected areas. You can consult with us to know if this is the best internet connection for you.

Who are MindArc's Partners?

All our partners are trusted NBN plan providers in Australia and the world. MindArc offers and can discuss plans from the following trusted partners and vendors.


The Australian telecommunications company Optus offers various internet services for everyone — NBN internet, 4G internet, 5G internet and mobile broadband. Optus is known to have it's 4G plus network in all capital cities and more than 700 regional towns, ensuring seamless internet experience anywhere in the country.

TPG Telecom

A well-known fixed broadband provider in Australia, TPG offers services with world-class fibre and next-generation networks for small to medium businesses as well as large corporate enterprises. Take advantage of their nationwide NBN plans and more.


Vocus is a specialist fibre and network solutions provider that offers different plans that cater to various business sizes. Some plans offer 10Mbs, while others reach a whopping 1Gbps speed that uses their own award-winning enterprise network. It also offers a DDoS Protection add-on to protect your network from malicious cyber attacks.

Network Solutions Group

Network Solutions Group offers a suite of specialist services to help businesses have reliable, high-performing and scalable network connectivity. For its service offerings, you can choose from business broadband, business internet or dedicated internet access.

Get access to High Internet Speed

Right now, the new normal pushed businesses to invest in eCommerce platforms, digital marketing and remote work tools to have business continuity. Without a proper internet connection, you'll not be able to manage online tools that can help boost your team's productivity and collaboration and increase your business' visibility.

The next step for business continuity and digital exposure is investing in the right internet connection. MindArc is here to help you choose an NBN business plan that will check everything in your requirements list. We can also help tailor fit add-ons based on what your online activities and business goals are.

The first step to getting access to high internet speed is to talk to us. Reach out to us and let's discuss the best provider and plan for you, your team and your business.

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