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What is 5G? 5G's Impact on Business

The 5G mobile network - as the name itself suggests, it is the next generation mobile network and a new global wireless standard and successor of the 4G network. 5G is quite a leap forward in comparison to 4G and can deliver mobile internet speeds that have never been imagined by the world. It can deliver higher multi GBPS peak data speeds with ultra-low latency.

What does this mean you ask? This translates into you being able to download a full 8K movie 500% faster than on the 4G network. The 5G mobile network is designed to deliver peak data download rates up to 20 GB/s.

5G for Businesses

5G’s ultra-low latency enables users to have a consistent experience while using mission-critical communication applications such as RingCentral, dial-pad, Go To Connect, or Zoom. 5G is also considered a reliable, high-speed source of everyday internet access that is essential for running day-to-day business operations. In the pandemic, 5G has helped facilitate efficient remote workforces by allowing they to stay connected and maintain business level speeds of internet access. Due to low latency and high download speeds, employees could quickly connect to their operational tools and share documents and assets to ensure speed of response was still maintained.

5G in Australia

5G is currently not available everywhere however Australian mobile network providers are rolling out 5G quickly, and thousands of 5G towers are being installed across Australia to ensure coverage quickly becomes available. 5G is causing massive disruption in the Australian Mobile Network and forcing users to consider it as an alternative to the NBN Fibre Network. Using the 5G network requires 5G enabled mobiles and 5G SIM cards so if you would like to find out more about how you could start using this technology for your business you can ask one of our consultants here.

We have partnered with Optus, the second largest Mobile Network in Australia, to provide 5G mobile network access to our customers nationally.

Getting Ready for 5G

Every business is unique, but there are certain common factors to successfully operating and fast, reliable communications should be high on that list. It all starts with making sure your current systems and hardware can use the 5G service. Many of the latest generation mobile devices and mobile data access points are 5G ready but its also best to check with your IT Team or Provider. If you need to invest in infrastructure and devices before migrating to the new services craft the perfect plan now, so that you are not left behind when 5G becomes the new standard.

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