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Case study

Rising Above Established Competitors: How Titan 22 Transformed Its Online Presence and SEO Performance.

Titan is the first and only basketball specialty concept store in the Philippines. Founded in 2010, their lifelong passion for the game inspired them to give life to their basketball dreams. This is a hoop sanctuary. It’s a safe haven for those who live and breathe basketball.




Increase in total website traffic
Growth in total revenue
Surge in transactions
01 The challenge
Navigating Competition with Established Brands

Titan 22 grappled and had to compete against well-established and prominent brands within the market. The need to carve a distinctive niche and capture audience attention in the face of established competitors posed a significant hurdle.

Functionality Limitations Impacting Architecture and Category optimisation

The limitations in functionality of Titan 22's website hindered their ability to optimise the architecture and category summaries effectively. This challenge required innovative strategies to enhance the website's user experience, organisation and visibility within relevant categories.

We recommended optimising various aspects crucial for search visibility, including Google My Business (GMB) profiles, metadata and site search performance. By ensuring accurate and up-to-date GMB information, refining metadata for better search results, and enhancing site search functionalities, Titan22 could provide a seamless user experience and improve their online presence.

Comprehensive optimisation of Google My Business, Metadata and Site Search Performance

To tackle challenges related to Google's crawlability and indexation, MindArc proposed improving the technical aspects of the Titan22 website. This involved implementing technical SEO best practices, optimising site speed, resolving issues affecting crawlability and enhancing the overall website architecture to ensure efficient indexing by search engines.

We suggested conducting a thorough analysis of keywords and identifying content gaps that could significantly improve the website's performance. By targeting relevant and high-value keywords, Titan22 could enhance their online visibility and engage potential customers more effectively.

Strategic Keyword Analysis and Content Enhancement

02 Our approach

​Enhancing Technical Foundations for Improved Crawlability and Indexation
  1. Initiated an in-depth keyword analysis to identify gaps and opportunities in Titan 22's content. By aligning the website's content with relevant and high-value keywords, we aimed to boost online visibility and engage potential customers more effectively, ultimately enhancing the overall performance of the site.

  2. Implemented a series of technical improvements on the Titan 22 website. These included optimising site speed, resolving crawlability issues and enhancing the overall website architecture according to SEO best practices. 

  3. Executed a comprehensive optimisation effort, focusing on critical aspects such as Google My Business profiles, metadata and site search functionality. By ensuring accurate and up-to-date information on Google My Business, refining metadata to improve search results, and enhancing site search performance, we aimed to create a seamless user experience and elevate Titan 22's online presence for improved search visibility.

03 Actions taken
04 The result
  • Achieved 40.4% increase in total website traffic.

  • Realised substantial 76.3% growth in total revenue, highlighting implemented tactics' significant impact on sales generation.

  • Recorded remarkable 71.3% surge in transactions.

  • Attained a notable 66% increase in female traffic.

  • Achieved remarkable 68% growth in traffic to the footwear collection.

  • Witnessed impressive 209% average increase in Google My Business interactions, highlighting strategies' efficacy in enhancing user engagement and brand interaction.

To overcome the challenge of strong competitors with higher budgets, we suggested segmenting audiences into high-value and low-value categories. This approach would enable us to allocate resources more strategically, concentrating efforts where they would yield the greatest impact.

05 Conclusion


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