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Case study

Mastering the Competitive Landscape: How Lovekins Triumphed in a Mature Market with Unified Search Strategies.

Lovekins is an Australian based company that produces premium mother + baby skincare, personal care nappies + baby wipes and feminine hygiene products that are safe, functional and toxic-free.




 Increase in revenue over a 3-month period
 Improvement in eCommerce conversion rate.
Growth in new users
01 The challenge
Mature and Competitive Market

Lovekins encountered the challenge of operating in a mature and highly competitive market, where established players and numerous alternatives vied for consumer attention. Standing out amidst the competition and capturing a significant share of the market demanded innovative strategies to differentiate the brand and effectively reach its target audience.

Cannibalisation emerged as a concern for Lovekins, particularly within its organic search efforts. Careful planning and strategic alignment were essential to prevent conflicting channels and strategies from negatively affecting organic search performance.

​Cannibalisation in Organic Search

Recognising the need to stand out in a competitive landscape, we recommended focusing efforts on Lovekins' top-performing products. By strategically highlighting these products in marketing efforts, we aimed to maximise visibility and engagement, ultimately driving increased conversions and revenue.

Emphasis on Top Products

We advocated for a unified search approach, leveraging consolidated search data to comprehensively analyse both competitors' activities and Lovekins' organic search rankings. By gaining insights from this consolidated data, we aimed to formulate a more holistic strategy that effectively addressed market challenges and enhanced Lovekins' organic search performance.

Unified Search Strategy for Holistic Insights
02 Our approach
  1. Executed a unified search approach by harnessing consolidated search data, enabling us to gain comprehensive insights into both competitor activities and Lovekins' organic search rankings. 

  2. Focused on Lovekins' top-performing products to excel in the competitive environment. Through targeted efforts, we maximised the visibility and engagement of these products, driving heightened conversions and revenue.

  3. Ensured a harmonious alignment of various channels and strategies to counteract cannibalisation in organic search. By coordinating these efforts so they worked well together, we optimised organic search performance and upheld a robust online presence while avoiding counterproductive competition.

03 Actions taken
04 The result
  • ​Achieved an impressive 15% increase in revenue over a 3-month period through combined search efforts.

  • Successfully recorded a significant 10% surge in sessions, indicating heightened user engagement through combined search strategies.

  • Attained a noteworthy 5.4% improvement in eCommerce conversion rate.

  • Realised a substantial 12% growth in new users.

Through a consolidated data-driven search approach, we comprehended competitor landscapes and Lovekins' organic search rankings, shaping a strategy that excelled in a competitive market. As we fine-tuned our approach through careful competitor analysis and ranking evaluation, search conflicts were avoided through strategic coordination of channels. This improved performance and led to Lovekins' amazing success.

05 Conclusion


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