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Case study

Crocodile's Victory: Lacoste's Success in a Competitive Market through Technical Excellence and Optimisation.

A love for the game, a passion for innovation and a certain French elegance. Since 1933, the story of Lacoste has mirrored that of its founder, René Lacoste, the French tennis legend who revolutionised the everyday wardrobe.




 Increase in new users through organic search
Surge in revenue from paid search.
 Increase in e-commerce conversion rate across all channels.
01 The challenge
Navigating Competitive Landscape

​Lacoste faced the challenge of competing with strong and established competitors in the market, requiring innovative strategies to differentiate and position their brand effectively.

Addressing slow page speed was essential for enhancing user experience and maintaining engagement as slow-loading pages can result in increased bounce rates and diminished conversion rates.

​Optimising Page Speed

Coordinating efforts with external development teams to rectify coding issues was crucial for ensuring a seamless and functional online platform, as misaligned coding can lead to technical glitches and hinder the overall user experience.

​Collaborating with External Development Teams
​Resolving Shopping Feed Issues and GTINs

Lacoste encountered challenges in connecting their shopping feed and dealing with missing GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers), impacting product visibility and online shopping functionality. Finding effective solutions was necessary to maintain accurate product information and facilitate smooth online transactions.

We worked on optimising Lacoste's brick-and-mortar stores in the Philippines to resonate better with the local audience, employing strategies to augment foot traffic and foster meaningful interactions.

​Amplifying Local Visibility of Physical Stores

We optimised content in a strategic way by improving meta descriptions and tweaking title tags to boost Lacoste's online exposure, improve its search engine rankings, and bring in relevant organic traffic.

MindArc embarked on improving the technical facets of Lacoste's website, resolving issues and refining the platform's performance to ensure optimal user experience.

Data Storage and Architectural Enhancement
02 Our approach
Content optimisation and Meta Enhancement

We used insights from different search platforms to create a unified search strategy that improved visibility, engagement and effectiveness.

​Unified Approach with One Search

MindArc directed focus toward optimising the prominence and appeal of Lacoste's highest-performing products and collections, aiming to maximise visibility, capture customer interest and drive conversions.

​Highlighting Top Products and Collections
  1. Initiated a comprehensive overhaul of Lacoste's website, meticulously addressing technical glitches and enhancing performance to guarantee a seamless and user-friendly browsing experience.

  2.  Implemented a strategic content optimisation project by carefully tweaking meta descriptions and title tags to improve Lacoste's online presence, get better search engine rankings, and attract more targeted organic traffic.

  3. Dedicated efforts to optimise Lacoste's physical stores in the Philippines, tailoring strategies to resonate with the local audience, increase foot traffic and cultivate deeper connections within the community.

  4. Strategically focused on boosting the visibility and appeal of Lacoste's most popular products and collections, with the goal of getting more customers to buy them and improving business results.

03 Actions taken
04 The result
  • Achieved an impressive 15% increase in new users through organic search compared to the previous year.

  • Recorded a substantial 16% growth in sessions from organic search.

  • Achieved a remarkable 120% surge in revenue from paid search.

  • Realised a significant 54.6% increase in e-commerce conversion rate across all channels.

MindArc's partnership with Lacoste yielded significant success by initiating a comprehensive website overhaul, rectifying technical issues and optimising performance for a seamless user experience. By making changes to meta descriptions and title tags, we were able to improve our online visibility and search engine rankings. Also, we made sure that Lacoste's physical shops in the Philippines were running as well as they could, which strengthened connections with the local audience. Lastly, by putting an emphasis on Lacoste's most popular goods and collections, we increased visibility and sales, which led to Lacoste's success and growth.

05 Conclusion


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