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Case study

Optimising Online Presence: How Bundaberg Rum Triumphed Over Covid-19 Challenges with SEO Excellence.

At Bundaberg Rum, they take pride in the Australian spirit, tracing back to their 1888 origins as a creative solution for excess molasses. Their unique spirit embodies camaraderie, resilience, and daring, distinguishing them globally. Crafted from the finest QLD sugar cane, the rum boasts a distinctive flavour, unmatched worldwide.




Increase in organic traffic
Increase in organic transactions
Growth in organic revenue
01 The challenge

Online Visibility Amidst Covid-19 Disruptions
Bundaberg Rum faced the challenge of maintaining its market presence during the Covid-19 pandemic, which significantly impacted physical retail. With in-person shopping limited, the company needed to find effective strategies to enhance its online visibility and engagement.

Technical and Content Enhancements for Search Exposure

Bundaberg Rum sought to address the complexities of search engine optimisation. They grappled with the technical aspects of optimising their digital platforms to rank higher in search results.

Immediate SEO Enhancements for Current Site
To address the transition to Magento 2 and capitalise on increased online activity due to Covid-19 lockdowns, MindArc suggested prompt SEO improvements for Bundaberg Rum's current site. By enhancing SEO metadata, especially for crucial product and service areas, the approach aimed to harness the site's existing strengths to seize online demand and engagement opportunities.

Elevating Search Exposure Through Site Audit and Keyword Expansion

To boost Bundaberg Rum's search visibility, MindArc proposed a dual strategy: conducting a thorough site audit to optimise on-page and technical aspects, and doing extensive keyword research to identify relevant terms for their target audience.

02 Our approach
  1. Improved Bundaberg Rum's website to cater to search engines and customers by addressing the rise in online shopping during lockdowns. This involved enhancing keywords and information to align with customer searches, particularly focusing on unique and limited products sought after during lockdowns.

  2. Initiated a site audit to uncover potential on-page and technical improvements to advance their already favourable search rankings. Building upon this, we conducted a thorough review and analysis of site keywords, seeking to identify additional search terms relevant to the target audience.

03 Actions taken
04 The result
  • Successfully increased organic traffic by 20%, resulting in more website visits.

  • Achieved a noteworthy 132% rise in organic transactions, enhancing conversions and customer engagement. 

  • Recorded an impressive 114% growth in organic revenue, indicating the effectiveness of tactics in boosting sales. 

  • Doubled the conversion rate by optimising the website for better user interactions and increased conversions.

Through a proactive approach tailored to the changing online landscape and increased lockdown-induced shopping, we successfully enhanced Bundaberg Rum's website. By optimising information, the site was made more appealing to search engines and customers, particularly those seeking unique and limited items. Our task also included a thorough site audit and an in-depth keyword analysis, which helped improve the brand's search visibility and search results so that they could reach their target audience more effectively.

05 Conclusion


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