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Case study

Revolutionising Online Visibility: How Active Truth Transformed the Presence of Their Active Wear Range on Google.

Active Truth believes women deserve better from the activewear market. They celebrate women regardless of size, shape or stage of life by offering performance activewear across an inclusive size range.




Increase in organic website traffic
Surge in new organic users
Growth in revenue
01 The challenge
Online Visibility of Active Wear Range on Google

Active Truth faced the challenge of elevating the visibility of their active wear range on Google. The Marketing team was given this responsibility in an effort to raise product visibility in customer searches and more efficiently communicate with their intended audience.

To enhance Active Truth's website performance, MindArc proposed two separate approaches. Firstly, we planned to work with the development team to fix technical issues that were impacting how well the site appeared in online search results. Secondly, we aimed to optimise the content on Active Truth’s website, making sure that the words and information matched what people were searching for.

Better Website Pages for Better Searches
02 Our approach
  1. MindArc developed content and engagement strategies tailored to the needs and queries of this specific audience segment. By addressing their concerns, offering tips, and providing relevant ideas, we were able to establish Active Truth as a reliable source of information and support.

  2. With help from the Development team, we identified and resolved technical SEO issues that were affecting the website's performance on search engines. Additionally, we optimised the on-page content to ensure it aligned better with the search behaviour and queries of the intended audience.

03 Actions taken
04 The result
  • ​Reached a 93% increase in organic website traffic, which shows how well MindArc's strategies work to help more people find and interact with websites through online searches. 

  • Attained an impressive 112% surge in new organic users, highlighting the successful execution of strategies aimed at attracting and converting new audiences. 

  • Recorded a significant 58% revenue increase, highlighting the successful collaboration between MindArc and Active Truth in improving online visibility, engagement, and conversions.

By making content strategies and interaction techniques that were tailored to each audience, we were able to position Active Truth as a trusted information site that answers questions and gives valuable insights. Collaborating closely with the Development team, we swiftly tackled technical SEO hurdles and optimised on-page content to align seamlessly with user search behaviours and queries. This concerted effort resulted in the remarkable success of Active Truth's improved online presence, resonating with their target audience and establishing a reliable source of support.

05 Conclusion


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