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Case study

Elevating 'White Fox Boutique's' eCommerce.

White Fox Boutique, a fashion industry titan, aimed to optimise their online platform and operational efficiency. Collaborating with our web agency, they ventured into refining their digital infrastructure, enhancing user experience and streamlining processes.

01 The challenge
Technical Stability and Scalability

White Fox Boutique sought a more technically stable platform to support their growing sales. While they used site traffic queuing systems to prevent site crashes during major campaigns, this impacted the overall customer experience.

White Fox aimed to find a platform that balanced cost-effectiveness with an enhanced user experience, especially during high traffic periods, without sacrificing one for the other.

Operational Costs and Customer Experience

With years of customer data, sales records and other critical eCommerce information stored on their Magento platform, the task of migrating from Magento 2 Commerce to Shopify Plus was daunting. The huge amount of data that had been collected over the years was putting a lot of strain on their current platform, which made the migration process difficult and complicated.

Challenges in Platform Migration

MindArc improved how White Fox Boutique talks to people. They made sure that even if there are technical problems, the business can still work without any interruption. They did this by setting up a backup internet connection and using phones through the internet. By doing so, White Fox Boutique can work from anywhere and stay connected, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Upgraded Communications and Operational Infrastructure

To maximise operational efficiency and ensure seamless sales processes, MindArc proposed integrating Shopify Plus with PeopleVox. This integration was aimed at creating a cohesive system where sales, inventory and customer information could work in harmony.

MindArc addressed the pressing issue of managing White Fox Boutique's extensive data by adopting Shopify Plus. This decision not only involved storing data but also improving its quality through cleaning and enhancement. The shift to Shopify Plus resulted in a more efficient and organised data infrastructure, enhancing scalability and reducing overhead costs in contrast to their previous Magento setup.

Data Storage and Architectural Enhancement
02 Our approach
Integration of Shopify Plus with PeopleVox
  1. Suggested switching from Magento to Shopify Plus, which would improve data storage, design, and scalability while lowering overhead costs. This would take some of the pressure off Magento caused by the growing amount of data and customers.

  2. Facilitated a customised integration between Shopify Plus and PeopleVox, ensuring White Fox Boutique's business operations remained uninterrupted during their migration. This solution enabled seamless delivery methods, synchronised PeopleVox with international stores, and introduced a data sync queuing system for efficient management of high-demand sales.

  3. Improved White Fox Boutique's telecom infrastructure by setting up dual internet connections for uninterrupted operations and migrating to a cloud-based phone system for flexible, connected work from any location.

03 Actions taken
04 The result

The shift of White Fox Boutique to Shopify Plus has yielded improvements in data storage, design, scalability and reduced overhead expenses. Furthermore, our comprehensive solutions, notably the seamless integration of Shopify Plus with PeopleVox, have ensured continuous business operations, synchronised international stores, streamlined delivery processes and effective management of high-demand sales.


Additionally, the implementation of dual internet connections and a cloud-based phone system has also contributed to White Fox Boutique's overall business success and enhanced operational efficiency for its employees.

The collaboration between White Fox Boutique and MindArc successfully addressed the challenges posed by technical instability, operational costs, and the daunting task of platform migration. The strategic shift from Magento to Shopify Plus resulted in improved data storage, design, and scalability, accompanied by a reduction in overhead costs. The seamless integration of Shopify Plus with PeopleVox streamlined business operations, synchronised international stores, and efficiently managed high-demand sales. Furthermore, the enhancements in telecom infrastructure, including dual internet connections and a cloud-based phone system, contributed to uninterrupted operations and flexible, connected work for White Fox Boutique. Overall, these initiatives have not only elevated the e-commerce experience for the brand but also enhanced operational efficiency, positioning White Fox Boutique for sustained success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

05 Conclusion


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