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Case study

A Recipe For Success: Pacific Concepts and MindArc's SEO Collaboration.

Pacific Concepts is the epitome of culinary innovation and immersive dining experiences. Established in Sydney and boasting a devoted following nationwide, they curate a diverse array of dining concepts, from casually chic to explosively fun. Pacific Concepts operates well-known restaurant brands such as Fratelli Fresh, El Camino Cantina, The Bavarian, Munich Brauhaus, Beerhaus, The Argyle, Bar Patron and Winghaus across NSW, QLD, VIC and ACT in Australia, as well as Auckland in New Zealand.




Increase in top 3 search result rankings for Bar Patron.

Increase in bookings attributed to organic search for Winghaus.

 Increase in bookings attributed to organic search for Bar Patron.

01 The challenge

In the SEO campaign for Pacific Concepts, we navigated post-pandemic consumer behaviour shifts and site migrations for five websites (Fratelli Fresh, Bar Patron, Winghaus, El Camino, and Munich).


  • With a rise in takeaway and home dining in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, we refined our SEO strategies to emphasise Pacific Concepts’ food and dining experiences, attracting locals and tourists.

  • Site migrations risked SEO performance. Collaborating with Pacific Concepts’ web developers, we integrated SEO into the redesign, maintaining organic traffic and engagement by addressing URL structure, navigation, internal linking, headers, page layout, website structure, and user experience.

Hyper-Local SEO Content

We enhanced the local SEO of Pacific Concepts individual brands by embedding local landmarks, events, and cultural references into our content, making it highly relevant for searches related to our restaurant locations. This strategy ensured that our content resonated deeply with the community, boosting local engagement and visibility.


Platform Optimisation

We optimised our Pacific Concepts brand listings across significant platforms like Google My Business, Apple Maps, and Bing. By providing accurate information, crafting engaging descriptions, and showcasing vibrant photos, we ensured our restaurants stood out and attracted more local customers.


Local Event Engagement

We strategically integrated our efforts with prominent local events and festivals like the Vivid Festival and Oktoberfest. This heightened our local relevance and allowed us to leverage seasonal and event-specific keywords. Additionally, collaborating with nearby businesses enhanced our local presence and community involvement.


Localised Landing Pages

We managed to individualise landing pages for each restaurant, rich with local keywords, to offer a tailored user experience and improve search rankings. These pages provided visitors with a sense of connection to their local community while ensuring they found the information they needed quickly and easily.

02 Our approach

Audience Planning

We utilised Google Analytics and Google Search Console of Google Analytics and Google Search Console to identify distinct audience types and uncover growth opportunities in generic search terms. We aimed to attract locals and tourists who needed to familiarise themselves with Pacific Concepts' restaurants, broadening our reach and appeal.

Data-Driven Decisions

By leveraging a suite of tools, including Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Google Trends, we meticulously analysed local and tourist behaviours. This data-driven approach informed the development of a robust content strategy for the website and Google My Business, laying a solid foundation for all our initiatives.

Brand Narratives

We went beyond basic SEO and crafted unique brand personalities for each restaurant. We seamlessly integrated local keyword optimisation into website copy, blog posts, Google My Business content, and meta titles and descriptions. This ensured that we maintained a solid and distinctive brand focus while optimising for search engines.

SEO Engagement

While creating Pacific Concepts' new websites, we worked hand-in-hand with developers to prioritise SEO in the redesign. We meticulously addressed URL structure, navigation, linking, headers, page layout, and user experience. Our proactive approach ensured there was no loss in organic traffic, and the sites were primed for optimal performance.



Our strong partnership with Pacific Concepts' marketing team was instrumental in synchronising and enriching our SEO strategies. By aligning with ongoing brand activities, local events, and upcoming promotions, we captured organic searches for related terms and ensured our efforts were cohesive and impactful.

We significantly enhanced Pacific Concepts' online presence through these enthusiastic and strategic actions, driving growth and engagement with new and existing audiences.

03 Actions taken
04 The result

Top 3 Search Results (top 3 brands)

Bar Patron: 172% Increase in top 3 search result rankings.

Winghaus: 150% Increase in top 3 search result rankings.

El Camino Cantina: 77% Increase in top 3 search result rankings.


Top 10 (page 1) Search Results (top 3 brands)

Winghaus: 360% Increase in top 10 search result rankings.

Bar Patron: 200% Increase in top 10 search result rankings.

Fratelli Fresh: 123% Increase in top 10 search result rankings.


Improvement in organic booking numbers (top 2 brands)

(last six months vs previous period)

Winghaus's 37% Increase in bookings attributed to organic search

Bar Patron's 29% Increase in bookings attributed to organic search

Our collaboration with Pacific Concept Brands successfully implemented an effective SEO strategy. By adapting our approach to highlight dining experiences amidst evolving consumer behaviours, we seamlessly integrated SEO into site redesigns and boosted the local presence of their outlets.

Our tailored strategies, including hyper-local content and platform optimisation, propelled Pacific Concepts' visibility in search results. Individualised landing pages and audience-focused planning significantly amplified our impact.

Thanks to data-driven insights and collaborative efforts, we saw substantial improvements in search rankings and organic bookings across top brands like Bar Patrón, Winghaus, and El Camino Cantina. These tangible outcomes affirm the effectiveness of our efforts to enhance Pacific Concept Brands' digital presence.

Looking ahead, our partnership is set for continued growth and innovation in the dynamic landscape of SEO and hospitality, driving even greater success.

05 Conclusion
Cindy Li
Head of Marketing at ​
Pacific Concepts

At Pacific Concepts, we're committed to continuous improvement in SEO. Working alongside MindArc has allowed us to significantly enhance our search performance. We're excited to see what we can achieve together in the future.

Hilary King
SEO Account Manager at MindArc

Collaborating with Pacific Concepts on their SEO strategy has been a game-changer for their websites. We're thrilled that our focused efforts on hyper-local content and optimisation have led to substantial gains in search visibility and user engagement. MindArc and Pacific Concepts have truly become a team, working together to drive an increasing number of customers to their restaurants.

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