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Case study

Building the Foundations of Success: MindArc's SEO and SEM Strategy for Daily Label.

Daily Label, an Australian-owned brand, champions stylish, timeless, and versatile clothing for the empowered, independent woman. Committed to combating the fast fashion cycle, Daily Label prioritises creating high-quality, sustainable pieces that minimise consumption. Each garment is crafted for longevity, using premium materials and designed to be a wardrobe staple for years to come.

Seeking to establish a strong digital presence, Daily Label partnered with MindArc to leverage their expertise. This case study explores how MindArc's tailored approach not only propelled Daily Label towards increased brand visibility but also positioned them for sustainable growth and success in the dynamic world of fashion e-commerce.




Increase in sales.

Decrease in cost per purchase.

Increase in ROAS month on month.

01 The challenge

As a fledgling brand, Daily Label encountered several significant challenges in establishing a foothold in the competitive online marketplace:

Competing with Established Brands
Daily Label needed to carve out a niche against well-established competitors who boasted larger market shares and stronger brand recognition.

Limited Budget
Operating with a constrained budget, the brand needed to maximise every marketing dollar to achieve meaningful results.

Building Customer Trust
As a new player, gaining the trust of potential customers was essential to fostering loyalty and driving repeat business.

Brand Visibility
Starting from scratch, Daily Label needed to create a strong online presence to increase brand visibility and reach its target audience.


Customer Acquisition
Attracting and converting new customers was a critical focus, requiring effective strategies to drive traffic and sales.


Brand Differentiation
Positioning itself as a premium brand, Daily Label needed to connect with the right audience at the right time. This involved building a successful sales funnel and establishing a clear distinction from competitors.

Recognising the importance of a solid foundation in digital marketing, MindArc implemented a comprehensive strategy for Daily Label. This strategy focused on:

Organic Search Optimisation
Improving Daily Label's search engine rankings through targeted SEO practices, ensuring the brand was easily discoverable by potential customers.

META Enhancements
Optimising meta titles, descriptions, and tags to improve click-through rates and increase visibility in search engine results.

Google AdWords Campaigns
Launching and managing effective Google AdWords campaigns to drive targeted traffic to Daily Label’s website, maximising the return on their advertising spend.

This multifaceted approach aimed to boost Daily Label’s online presence, attract the right audience, and build a strong, trustworthy brand in the competitive marketplace.

02 Our approach

SEO Technical Set-up and Review

Our initial focus was on ensuring Daily Label's website foundation was optimised for search engines. This involved a thorough technical audit, identifying and rectifying any crawl errors, broken links, or website speed issues that could hinder search engine visibility. We ensured search engines could efficiently discover, index, and understand Daily Label's website content.

SEO Keyword Research

Through in-depth keyword research, we pinpointed the specific search terms and phrases that Daily Label's target audience uses. By strategically integrating these keywords throughout Daily Label's website content, we ensured Daily Label appears prominently in search results, attracting the right customers at the right time.

Metadata and SEO on-page recommendations

Our team provided a comprehensive set of recommendations for optimising Daily Label's website content and metadata (page titles, meta descriptions). This included crafting clear, concise, and keyword-rich website copy that resonates with both search engines and visitors

Paid media budget optimisations

Through data analysis and strategic planning, we identified opportunities to optimise campaign targeting and budget distribution across different platforms, ensuring maximum return on investment for every pound spent. 


Timely ad creative delivery scheduling

To maintain audience engagement and maximise campaign effectiveness, we implemented a strategic ad creative delivery schedule; rotating a diverse set of compelling ad creatives throughout the campaign, ensuring audiences receive fresh and relevant messaging.

Focused paid media strategy

Beyond budget optimisation, we developed a focused paid media strategy tailored specifically to Daily Label's unique target audience and business goals. This strategy involved selecting the most appropriate advertising platforms

03 Actions taken
04 The result

The collaboration between MindArc and Daily Label yielded impressive results:

  • First Page on Google: Daily Label achieved first-page rankings on Google for brand-specific searches within one week of implementing the SEO strategy.

  • Instagram Growth: The brand's Instagram page grew from 60 to 1,380 engaged followers within 8 months, significantly enhancing their social media presence.

  • Increased Website Traffic: Daily Label saw a substantial increase in website traffic, growing from no initial traffic to over 50,000 online store sessions.

  • Financial Break-even: The successful implementation of the digital marketing strategy enabled Daily Label to operate at a break-even point within 12 months, a significant milestone for the fledgling brand.

  • 66% increase in sales: with the emphasis on optimising purchases, Meta delivered increasing sales over the course of the year

  • 49% decrease in cost per purchase: creative optimisation drove improved efficiency

  • 100% increase in ROAS month on month: restructuring campaigns according to offering drove additional revenue

Daily Label's journey from a fledgling brand to a rising star in the e-commerce fashion scene exemplifies the power of a strategic digital marketing partnership. By collaborating with MindArc, Daily Label was able to overcome the challenges inherent to new brands and establish a strong online presence. Through meticulous SEO efforts, targeted advertising campaigns, and compelling creative content, Daily Label achieved impressive results – securing top rankings on Google searches, building a loyal social media following, and driving significant increases in website traffic and sales. Most importantly, this data-driven approach enabled Daily Label to achieve financial stability within a year, laying the foundation for long-term, sustainable growth. With a thriving online presence and a loyal customer base, Daily Label is well-positioned to continue its success in the competitive world of fashion, all while upholding its commitment to high-quality, sustainable clothing.

05 Conclusion
Phoebe Mulgrew
Founder at Daily Label

With the support of MindArc, we were able to build our dream of a sustainable high-end eCommerce brand in an ever-competitive market over the last 12 months. The level of detail and execution from the MindArc team is impeccable and feel that without the support of Jerray, Marvin, Dimitri and the wider team we would not be in the same position we are now, scaling for success.

Marvin Fathi
Search Engine Optimisation Manager at MindArc

Working with Phoebe and the team to launch the website was a great experience. By optimising the site for SEO and implementing effective tracking, we aimed to support the team's ongoing success and growth.

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