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Case study

Strategies for Success: Ally's Triumph in a Competitive and Rapidly Changing Market.

Ally Fashion is your one-stop fashion destination to get your style fix. They believe every girl should have access to on-trend wardrobe essentials that don’t break the bank. So, they work hard to create fashionable, affordable, quality clothing that encourages self-expression.




Increase in ROAS for paid social advertising MoM
Reduction in CPM for paid social advertising MoM
Surge in CTR for paid social advertising MoM
01 The challenge
Navigating Competitive Landscape with Limited Budget

Ally encountered the challenge of competing against strong rivals with more substantial financial resources, requiring innovative strategies to maximise their impact on a limited budget.

Operating in a fast-paced industry presented Ally with the task of keeping up with ever-changing trends and consumer preferences, demanding agility and quick adaptation to remain relevant.

Adapting to the Rapidly Evolving Industry

The constant need for "always on sale" campaigns posed a challenge for Ally, as maintaining a balance between promotional activities and maintaining brand value and customer loyalty required careful planning and execution.

​Balancing Constant Promotions

Addressing the "always on sale" campaign challenge, we proposed creating distinct ad copies for different audience segments. This customisation allowed us to highlight relevant promotions and benefits, ensuring that messaging resonated with each group's unique needs and interests.

Personalised Ad Copy

To overcome the challenge of strong competitors with higher budgets, we suggested segmenting audiences into high-value and low-value categories. This approach would enable us to allocate resources more strategically, concentrating efforts where they would yield the greatest impact.

MindArc addressed the pressing issue of managing White Fox Boutique's extensive data by adopting Shopify Plus. This decision not only involved storing data but also improving its quality through cleaning and enhancement. The shift to Shopify Plus resulted in a more efficient and organised data infrastructure, enhancing scalability and reducing overhead costs in contrast to their previous Magento setup.

Data Storage and Architectural Enhancement
02 Our approach
Segmentation for Precise Targeting
  1. MindArc conducted a thorough analysis of audience behaviours, preferences, browsing habits and purchase patterns. This insight-driven approach allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the audience's mindset and tailor marketing efforts accordingly.

  2. We executed the segmentation strategy by categorising audiences into high-value and low-value segments. This strategic division enabled us to allocate resources more efficiently and prioritise campaigns based on their potential impact.

  3. We created customised ad copies for distinct audience segments. This involved tailoring messaging to highlight relevant promotions and benefits, ensuring that the content resonated with each segment's specific needs and interests. 

03 Actions taken
04 The result
  • Achieved an impressive 38% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for paid social advertising month-over-month (MoM).

  • Realised a notable 33% reduction in Cost Per Mille (CPM) for paid social advertising MoM.

  • Attained a remarkable 60% surge in Click-Through Rate (CTR) for paid social advertising MoM.

By diligently analysing audience behaviours, preferences and purchasing habits, we gained valuable insights that informed our tailored marketing strategies. The successful execution of audience segmentation into high-value and low-value categories allowed for resource allocation that maximised campaign impact. Customised ad copies for distinct audience segments effectively highlighted pertinent promotions and benefits, resulting in heightened engagement and conversions. Overall, our comprehensive approach achieved significant improvements in metrics, showcasing our ability to drive success for Ally in a competitive landscape.

05 Conclusion


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